Monday, 10 June 2019

Options for Great Candy Packaging

When you manufacture candies, sell candies at a retail shop or prepare candies at home for gifting, you are required to send your candies to the other people. Candy packaging has a big role to play in this regard. And one thing worth mentioning here is that it is not all about the presentation. You need to make sure that the candy packaging you are using is quite capable of preserving the perishables.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the great candy packaging options.

Ballotin Candy Boxes

Ballotin candy boxes come with tapered sides. These boxes provide classic solution for the great candy packaging. These boxes are available in a variety of sizes and colors. These boxes form great combination with foiled liners.

View-Top Embossed Candy Boxes

These boxes are great when you want your candies to be put at display. The clear top of the boxes allow your candy customers to have a look at the candies that you have put inside. These boxes also come with dividers. The great advantage of you these dividers is that you can put candies of varying colors and flavors in the box without fearing about mingling of the candies.

Hexagonal Plastic Boxes

Hexagonal plastic boxes offer premium packaging of the candies and treats in an amazing way. These boxes are easy to assemble. You can place small cakes and cookies inside these boxes. The sturdiness of boxes allows customers to take these boxes on the long trips without fearing for the spoilage of perishable treats inside the boxes.

Gable Boxes

Another type of boxes is the gable boxes. These boxes are easy to assemble and they provide easy handling when you walk away from the candy store with the treats. The assembly of these boxes is done by folding of a paper which is cut in a specific shape. The sides are folded to make the box and the top of the box becomes a handle.

Embossed Paper Candy Boxes

These boxes are great for putting your premium candies at display. These boxes come with a clear window on the front side to let the customers see what’s inside the box. Beautiful embossed exterior, smooth matte white lining on the inside and a clear plastic window are the main features of this box. The boxes are very easy to use as they offer convenient lock at the top.

Metal Containers

If you want to go with the most durable candy packaging option, consider metal. Metal containers are considered a premium packaging option. While the boxes are completely opaque, you can consider having a clear lid on the top to let your customers view the contents inside the box.

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