Monday, 10 June 2019

Some Great Packaging Design Options to Consider

If you think about your last purchase, you may wonder if you really needed the product of a specific brand that you have purchased. Did you really need that product from that specific brand or was the product quite appealing for you? Of course you were in the need of buying a type of product but why did you choose the product with a specific look? Well, you got impressed with the product packaging. And it’s OK. This is what the packaging is all about.

Having that said, you may wonder about designing your product packaging in such a way that your product would stand out among several others available in the market. We are going to mention a few packaging designs which you will definitely find appealing.

Using Patterns

You can enhance the look of simple packaging with the help of the patterns. No matter how simpler and colorless your product is, a pattern based on a couple of colors is going to give the packaging design a whole new meaning.

Utilizing the available space

While you may be paying attention to the exterior of the box, an emptiness of interior from the perspective of design might be making the product packaging uninspiring. Taking into consideration the type of product, you can give that interior space a beautiful design with the help of images, graphics, colors or patterns.

The strength of simplicity

In some cases, you may find simplicity as the most driving factor in the design of a package. A simple raw design of the packaging with a simple illustration of an object based on the type of product can be enough to make a product packaging quite noticeable. You can use labels of vibrant colors to make the color pop from a simple design.

The experience

While designing the packaging of your product, you need to keep in mind the experience your customer is going to have while opening the package. We can take a shoe box as an example here. It’s a luxury product we are talking about. The packaging includes a nice dust ruffle which is placed inside the box. It basically serves as a package nested within a package. When the outer box is opened, another packaging appears. The shoe is discovered after opening this package.

The modern packaging design

For a design to be modern, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simplicity can be the very defining feature of a modern design. If appropriate, you can make the product design gender neutral. This way, it is going to attract the attention of your customers by triggering a sense of curiousness.

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